Deal Criteria

Deal Criteria

BrightStreet Ventures adds value in three ways. We provide a ‘Test Tube’ for rolling out new platforms at shopping centers. We offer Incubation, Advisory and Access. Finally, we invest in entrepreneurs that have clear synergies with our core business. If you fit this profile, we’d love to hear from you.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is the intersection of the smartphone and the cloud. Brick and mortar is a natural overlay to the mobile experience.

Local Services

Wherever you are, you are never far away, and never lost when you embrace local services. For local to work, it must be relevant, real time and real.

Marketing Platforms

The age of data science is upon us. There are various ways of publishing, discovering, engaging and connecting. Growth hacking is not science fiction.


New models are emerging for connecting creators, consumers and solution providers. This is giving rise to new services that have no parallel in the past.

Real Estate Intelligence

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Real estate business intelligence is a strategy based on market data, not guesswork.

Real Estate Management

We are huge believers in the role of business process automation systems. They enable companies to do more with less.


Omni-Channel is based on an awareness and an embrace of the essential truth that the consumer can visit, click or call.


When you understand that the consumer is only going to be loyal if it makes sense on their terms, you think more about how you cultivate that loyalty.

Personalized Targeting

It’s an express truth that when you build systems that truly serve the individual, that remember, train and retain core data, you can be targeted.